Bill Pay

Say goodbye to writing checks. With Education First Credit Union’s Bill Pay program, you can pay every last bill with the comfort and convenience of your own computer. The benefits to using online bill pay service verses physical checks are:

  • Save time: There is no need to spend the time to write out checks, lick the envelopes, write the addresses, balance the checkbooks, find the stamps, and on and on. With just a few clicks your bill are done!
  • Save money: Who does not want to save money? Why pay for envelopes, paper, and stamps when you could sign up for FREE bill pay services with Education First.
  • Less Stress: From account balances to bill amounts to account histories to checks, it just doesn’t need to be that hard. With online bill pay you can set up payments to come out automatically each month so you don’t even have to worry it from month to month. It;s all taken care of.

Log in to you account to setup FREE online Bill Pay now!

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